C & G - Food Preparation and Cooking – Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma

8065-01 Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking
8065-02 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking(Culinary Arts) – IVQ
8065-03 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking(Patisserie)
8065-04 Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision

This program provides students the contemporary skills and techniques in food preparation and presentation, à la carte cuisine, pastry and desserts and kitchen management through hands-on training / skill based and classroom learning as required to meet the operational requirements of food service establishments.


Why at Berjaya College?

  • Assured placement
  • International Recognition
  • January
  • May
  • September
  • *16 – 45 years old
  • *No academic results required


Safety at Work

Food Safety

Kitchen Maintenance and Design

Budgeting, Costing and Control

Nutrition and Dietetics

Menu Planning

Meat and Poultry Dishes

Fish and Shellfish Dishes

Stocks, Sauces and Soups

Pulse and Vegetable Dishes

Pastry Dishes

Farinaceous, Pasta and Rice Dishes

Cold Preparation Dishes

Egg Dishes and Savouries

Safety at Work

Hygiene at Work

Kitchen Maintenance and Design

Budgeting, Costing and Control

Bake Cakes and Sponges

Meringue Based Products and Desserts

Gelatin Set Desserts

Egg Set Desserts

Chemically Aerated Products

Fruit Based Desserts

Simple Frozen Desserts

Fermented Products

Creams, Fillings and Glazes

Hot and Cold Sauces

Decorative Mediums