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This full time course is structured for students to improve their English language proficiency before they pursue their undergraduate programmes. With a structured programme, it aims to accelerate learning for students to improve their English language skills where they are able to express their thoughts and intentions clearly in oral or written communication.



At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify and use parts of the speech and tenses appropriately;
  • Develop their skimming and scanning skills to gather information in various reading genres;
  • Express and present ideas, intentions and opinions in any given situations;
  • Apply correct and appropriate conventions in their writing

Intensive English Program (IVEP)

JPT/BPP (N/312/4/007) 12/18 (PA 3061)

Our Intensive English Programme (IVEP) courses are ideal if you are looking to improve your English proficiency. At Berjaya Language Centre, we offer a range of Intensive English Programme at all levels from Pre-Intermediate (Pre-IVEP) to Intermediate (IIVEP) to Advanced (AIVEP). The Pre-IVEP aims to equip learners with adequate language skills to enable them to use English with much confidence in everyday as well as academic settings. The IIVEP prepares learners with sufficient language skills to empower them to use the language with greater confidence in both everyday use and academic situations. The AIVEP provides a language learning platform for students to adopt the four language skills competently, with emphasis on accuracy and cohesiveness.

Intensive English Program (IVEP)



Course Structure

  • Pre-Intermediate Intensive English (Pre-IVEP)
  • Intermediate Intensive English (IIVEP)
  • Advanced Intensive English (AIVEP)

Duration: Each level runs for 4 weeks and is offered every month.

Note: It is a progression course.


  • English Placement Test (EPT) to gauge the level of proficiency of the student
  • Each level is 4 weeks in duration
  • 26 hours per week , over 4 weeks per level
  • Monday- Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Ideal class size – Maximum 20 students
  • Weekly communicative/interactive activities
  • Problem-based learning, language and cultural activities and field trips


  • Experienced and qualified TESL teachers
  • Pronunciation and intonation practice
  • BERJAYA Immersion Methodology – a unique teaching paradigm that places our students in the heart of the action
  • One-to-one consultation for students to review and consolidate their learning progress