Dr See Hoon Peow
CEO / Vice Chancellor
Berjaya University College

Welcome to BERJAYA University College.

BERJAYA University College (BUC) is a unique institution because we are a university that train service professionals. We have our roots in hospitality, and the core of hospitality is service.

According to the economic model developed by economists like Allan Fisher, Colin Clark, and Jean Fourastié in the first half of the 20th century, an economy can be divided into three sectors.

The primary sector deals with extracting raw materials from nature, the secondary sector with manufacturing goods, and the tertiary sector or the service industries with facilitating the transportation, distribution and sale of goods produced in the secondary sector. According to the three-sector model, the main focus of an economy's activity will shift from the primary through the secondary and finally to the tertiary sector.

In countries in an early stage of development, the main part of their national income is achieved through production in the primary sector. In countries in a more advanced stage of development, with a medium national income, they generate their income mostly from the secondary sector. In highly developed countries with a high income, the tertiary sector dominates the economy’s total output.

We at BUC believe that we need a combination of good knowledge, professional integrity and values and skills to provide excellent service. Our focus is to prepare students to face the future of our economy. BUC students will learn the knowledge in their respective service industry, acquire more professional integrity and values, and develop unique skills to serve clients and customers well—skills deeply rooted in our hospitality culture.

We look forward to seeing you at BUC to discuss your preparation for the future of our economy.

Professor Dr. Wong Tai-Chee
Deputy Vice Chancellor
Berjaya University College

Professor Dr. Wong Tai-Chee retired from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore after teaching and researching there for 20 years. He has his B.A and M.A degrees in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Paris, and earned his PhD in Human Geography from the Australian National University in 1990. Before joining Berjaya University College, he worked as Distinguished Professor for two years at Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, China, and as Dean and Professor at the Southern University College, Johor until the end of 2018. Besides his 16 self-authored and edited book volumes, Professor Wong has published widely in international journals and his academic articles, chapters and technical reports under single or joint authorship count well over 100 pieces. A number of his articles have dealt with tourism and hospitality, as well as environmental sustainability and management issues.

During his long years in NTU, Professor Wong was Visiting Professor to University of Paris (Sorbonne IV), Visiting Fellow to Pekin University, Tokyo University and University of Western Australia. He was also involved in organizing a number of international conferences, where he chaired many discussion sessions. Actively involved in the review of academic papers, he was awarded in October 2017 by an international journal of Elsevier, Cities, the “Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing”.

In his professional career, he was employed during the mid-1980s, as a landuse planning consultant in the World Bank-sponsored Transmigration Project in Sumatra, Indonesia. Another international exposure worth mentioning was his role as Senior Consultant in one of Singapore’s largest private planning firms, “State and City Planning Consultants” which offered service to China’s Zhaoqing New District’s Low Carbon City Planning scheme during March 2012-May 2013. In teaching professionalism, Professor Wong’s Post-Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Higher Education from NTU has definitely given him an edge in understanding better the issues of higher education students which is helpful in dealing with their learning problems.

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