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Enrolling into BERJAYA University College offers any of our students the unique opportunity to prepare themselves for their future careers in a manner that is unlike any other. Due to our established heritage in conglomerate business and entrepreneurship, we intimately understand what it takes to enable our students to excel as young professionals; which strongly increases their employability in the global marketplace, even before they graduate.

Listed below are our latest Scholarships & Bursaries available (Scholarships & Bursaries 2023).

Please note that there are specific terms and conditions that apply to each scholarships and bursaries.

We pride ourselves on consistently producing Well-Rounded, Professional and Competant Young Adults through our inter-disciplinary and immersion teaching methodologies, as well as our distinct focus on language proficiency and personal poise.

  1. The Award is offered to Malaysian citizens ONLY.
  2. The applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student with BERJAYA University College. Exceptions are given for the Part-time MBA programme.
  3. The Award is applicable for studies at BERJAYA University College only.
  4. Scholarship or bursary application may based on student’s trial/ forecast results. If the actual results do not meet the minimum scholarship or bursary entitlement, BERJAYA University College reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship or bursary. However, if the actual SPM results is better than the trial/forecast results, the student is eligible to appeal for an upgrade of scholarship quantum. This will be under the discretionary of BERJAYA University College. Note: The student’s actual result MUST meet the minimum entry requirements set by the University College.
  5. The Award is applicable only to the programme as stated in the Scholarship Award Letter. Any request for change of programme may result in the award being terminated.
  6. Student receiving scholarships or bursary from other bodies is not eligible for the Award. BERJAYA University College reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship or bursary if the University College were to discover the student receiving scholarships or bursary from other bodies.
  7. The Award is applicable upon single admission of the first programme only (unless stipulated otherwise).
  8. In the event that a successful applicant does not meet the University College’s English requirement, he/she may sit for the English Placement Test and undergo the Intensive English Programme prior to the commencement of the academic programme. Cost for the Intensive English Programme shall be borne by the applicant.
  9. The Award is not exchangeable for cash. The Award shall be in the form of tuition fees waiver (unless stipulated otherwise).
  10. BERJAYA University College reserves the right to decide on the number of quantum to be awarded.
  11. Successful applicant is required to pay all fees after deduction of the tuition fees waiver upon registration, failing to do so, the Award will be deemed null and void.
  12. BERJAYA University College reserves the right to review the Award. The Award will be terminated in the event of gross misconduct or any breach of the terms and conditions as stated in the letter of Award.
  13. The Award offered is also subject to other terms and conditions, which will be stated in the letter of Award to be signed by the applicant and BERJAYA University College. BERJAYA University College reserves the right to request for extra documentation and/or to conduct interview with the applicant.
  14. The terms and conditions of the Award may be modified and amended from time-to-time as deemed appropriate by BERJAYA University College.
  15. The Award’s recipient must pass all the courses and maintain a minimum GPA every trimester stated in the Letter of Award, participate actively in the University College’s sports, extra-curricular and other activities in order to continue enjoying the Award.
  16. Successful candidate will be required to contribute their time to assist BERJAYA University College in marketing and promotional activities, student activities, community projects, and other administrative work as notified by staff. Failure to comply with such requests without reason(s) acceptable to BERJAYA University College may result in suspension or termination of the Award.
  17. The Award will be terminated upon completion of the normal prescribed study period of the programme enrolled in and will not extend to any additional period including resit(s), repeat(s), semester abroad programme/ Student Exchange/ Student Mobility Programme.
  18. All applications must be received by the stipulated deadlines. Late applications and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  19. In the event the recipient withdraws/terminated from the programme before completion, BERJAYA University College requires the recipient to reimburse the tuition fees waived.
Financial Aid Loans Or Other Scholarhips 2023
  • Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Nasional (PTPTN) Study Loan
  • EPF Withdrawal
BERJAYA Scholarships & Bursaries 2023
  • Entrance Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies
  • Berjaya Loyalty Scheme (Berjaya Group Staff & Strategic Alliances)
  • Progression Loyalty Scheme
  • Bumiputera Bursary
  • Teachers/ Nurses/ Uniform Forces' Children Bursary

(Up to 50% tuition fee waiver for the programme enrolled.) For more information, please contact Sales and Marketing Office of BERJAYA UC

For more detailed information regarding the scholarship or study grants procedures, please get in touch with the Sales and Marketing Office from 9am until 6pm, every Monday to Friday.

Tel: +603-2725 0601         Email:

Or you can visit our campus located on Level 11 West, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

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