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What does BERJAYA Language Centre offer?

BERJAYA Language Centre helps school-leavers and university students acquire the English language skills needed for academic success. We have two main programmes: Intensive English and IELTS (International English Language Testing System).


Our Intensive English Programmes provide formal language instruction with a focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We create an interactive learning environment and help our students combine all four skills through integrated and authentic practice. In this way, students make good progress quickly, gain confidence and improve their overall level of English communication, especially for academic purpose.


IELTS Preparatory Course prepares students for the IELTS examination. This international-standardised test of English language proficiency is an entry requirement for tertiary education in Malaysia.



BERJAYA Language Centre offers Intensive English Programmes to provide university students with the language skills needed for academic programmes. Our Intensive English Programmes are designed to be functional and very interactive to enable students to broaden their use of the English language.

Why choose this programme?

This course is designed for students to improve their English language proficiency. It aims to accelerate learning for students to improve their English language skills where they are able to express their thoughts and intentions clearly in oral or written communication. The course of study is based on an integrated-skills approach with listening, speaking, reading and writing components with embedded grammar.

What can you expect from this programme?

The topics selected contain a wide range of vocabulary, structures and situations which provide a learning context for students to apply the language learnt in meaningful situations. This course is supported by an online learning solution to motivate and stimulate students to learn English effectively and interactively outside the classroom.


  • (R/KJP/00854)(11/23) Pre-Intermediate Intensive English (Pre-IVEP)
  • (R/KJP/00855)(11/23) Intermediate Intensive English (IIVEP)
  • (R/KJP/00857)(11/23) Advanced Intensive English (AIVEP)


1 level per semester


  • IELTS Preparatory Course

The International English Language Testing System — or IELTS for short — is a standardised test of your competence in the English language. It is meant for non-native speakers who want to study in English at a university or college. Some immigration authorities also expect an IELTS pass as one of the entry requirements.

The minimum university requirement is usually an overall IELTS band score of 5, 6 or 7; these bands correspond to modest, competent and good user of English in all of the language functions: listening, reading, writing and speaking. More and more universities and colleges in Europe and Australia require 6.5 for direct entry into a degree programme.

Since so much depends on achieving a high score, most candidates will prepare for their IELTS test by attending a course such as the one offered by BERJAYA Language Centre.

Why enrol in an IELTS Preparatory Course at BERJAYA Language Centre?

Sign up and achieve your highest possible score thanks to our eight unique strengths:

  • An enthusiastic team of experienced IELTS instructors
  • 32 hours of expert personalised teaching and learning
  • Small class sizes
  • An integrated skills approach focussing on listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • A balanced combination of grammar revision and vocabulary development
  • Extensive practice in taking the IELTS test
  • Classes on weekdays conveniently spread over a three-month period
  • Free access to BERJAYA University College’s library and learning resource centre

And there is more. By preparing for your IELTS test at BERJAYA, you will get to experience first-hand what academic life is like and have opportunities of interacting — in English! — with students from across our programmes in culinary arts, hospitality, tourism, events management, business, communication and social science.


32 hours on weekdays


1 semester


  • Intensive English Programme

At BERJAYA Language Centre
Why study English at BERJAYA Language Centre

  • an enthusiastic team of experienced  facilitators who make time for you and also outside class hours
  • small class sizes
  • an integrated skills approach focussing on listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • a balanced combination of grammar revision and vocabulary development
  • learning English but also “learning to learn”-study skills and becoming an independent learner
  • opportunities to interact – in English! – with Malaysian and international students from across our programmes
  • a wide range of social activities to take part in
  • first-hand experience of what academic life is like
  • access to BERJAYA University College’s library and Learning Resource Centre

From internationally renowned guest lecturers to global internships, combined with practical hands-on learning approach, the BERJAYA Language Centre will immerse you in valuable insights to achieve fluency in language.

Lessons are not restricted to the classroom because students are exposed to witnessing events and acquiring hands-on experience when they communicate as professionals.

Supported by Berjaya Corporation Group of Companies and global connections, our students enjoy the opportunity to be placed in prestigious internships and first job priority status for work placements around the world spanning a range of industries.

To be the part, one must be trained to act the part. That is why BERJAYA School of Communication & Media Arts is located in the heart of Malaysia’s bustling commercial city, Kuala Lumpur, within one of its thriving shopping centers, Berjaya Times Square. Immersed within our city campus equipped with five-star business facilities and easy access to a variety of businesses, our students are exposed to real-world work environments that act as a live lab supporting their development as PR professionals.


Our centre has a strong, experienced and passionate academic team who are highly-qualified lecturers. Our students gain from their repertoire of industry experiences and invaluable guidances.

What Our Students Say

"When I joined IVEP, I met many classmates from different countries. The learning environment had helped me to learn English and social skills. Classes were really fun and interactive. Techniques learned in IELTS Preparatory Course enabled me to score well to proceed to the main programme. I have no regrets choosing IVEP and IELTS classes. Lecturers were patient, friendly and supportive. I really like the lecturers here. They gave me a very good learning experience. I would like to say “THANK YOU” to them for teaching me and giving me their best. IVEP lecturers help us to build our confidence so that we can achieve our highest potential."

Ta Thi Quynh Nhu, Cindy (Vietnam)

Intensive English Programme (IVEP) & Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons) (BHM)
"I came to BERJAYA University College (BUC) to take up Masters of Business Administration (MBA). However, my English language proficiency did not meet the entry requirement. Therefore, I enrolled in Intensive English Programme (IVEP). I find that BUC is my second family because all IVEP lecturers were very professional. They were very helpful and took care of us just like their family members. Besides encouraging me, the lecturers also motivated my classmates. We not only improved a lot in the mastery of language but also in thinking skills. Lecturers also provided complimentary IELTS Preparation Course to prepare us for IELTS test and I scored a Band 6. Without these dedicated lecturers, I could not join MBA within 8 months. With a strong English language foundation from IVEP course, I was able to score a CGPA of 3.50 in my MBA programme. A big ‘Thank You’ to all the lecturers. I really appreciated your time, effort and confidence in me."

Namuunsaikhan Amartuvshin (Mongolia)

Intensive English Programme (IVEP), Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
"BERJAYA University College plays an important role in my life. I came here with zero English proficiency. It was a difficult time in my life. But, with the unique immersion teaching methodology, patient and supportive team of lecturers and the learning environment, I became motivated to master the English language. The IELTS Preparation Course prepared me to go through the test successfully. I obtained an IELTS band score of 5.0 and now I am pursuing Bachelor of Hospitality Management Programme. A BIG THANK YOU to BERJAYA UC!"

Zhang, NingBo (China)

Intensive English Programme (IVEP), IELTS Preparatory Course & Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons) (BHM)
"I had a chance to study in Berjaya University College (BUC). I joined the Intensive English Programme (IVEP) and this was such a memorable moment I would never ever forget during my student's life in Kuala Lumpur because I scored IELTS Band 5.5 within 8 months of study. This miracle happened because of a dedicated, caring and supportive team of IVEP lecturers. The lecturers worked the extra miles to prepare me for IELTS test. To be honest, I feel that BUC is like my second home where I was well taken care of not only in the pursuit of knowledge but also in the confidence I gained during the programme. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all my IVEP lecturers who played significant roles for making my dream come true. "

Dao Bao Ngoc (Vietnam)

Intensive English Programme (IVEP)
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