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Secure a stellar career in the world of exquisite gastronomical wonders.

Today more than ever before, culinary arts professionals are regarded highly and are in demand worldwide. The ability to take an idea, fuse it with sensory knowledge, and masterfully invent a dish that both nurtures and gives pleasure to someone, is an art indeed.

Whether your dream is to invent amazing new dishes in posh restaurants and exotic hotels whilst mingling with society’s crème de la crème, or to set up your own gastronomical outlets; the path starts with laying a solid foundation that will arm you with the necessary fundamental knowledge, as well as lifetime industry mentors. This will secure you a stellar career as a world-class culinary professional wherever you choose to venture.

Culinary Short Courses

At the Faculty of Culinary Arts
Join the ranks of elite culinary masters.

We take the business of food very seriously. We have in our faculty, award-winning instructors and industry chefs with over 400 years of combined artistic culinary experience and knowledge. We invested heavily into providing premier state-of-the-art kitchen facilities and equipment for our students, sparing no expense to ensure that they would be well-versed with the equipment that they will inevitably encounter in the working world.

We take great care too, with delivering a curriculum that would equip our students to soar as high as they desire in their career as a culinary professional. To be a competent chef, one not only need the skills and passion to cook, but also to excel at international tests, to be constantly aware of the latest food trends, to develop signature innovations, as well as to have the executive and leadership skills to climb the ranks.

Hence, we ensure that our students are armed with both key foundational knowledge, as well as the ability to creatively and effectively respond to real-world industry evolutions.

This is why BERJAYA UC’s Culinary Arts graduates are distinctive and much sought-after even before they graduate. If a stellar career in the prestigious world of gastronomy is what you desire, enrol now at Malaysia’s top culinary school and let the Faculty of Culinary Arts turn your passion into a rewarding career!

WORLDCHEFS Global Culinary Certification

World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) is a global network that consists of 100 official chefs associations as members, representing over 10 million professional chefs worldwide.

BERJAYA University College (BERJAYA UC) has been awarded international recognition from the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WORLDCHEFS) Recognition of Quality Culinary Education programme for meeting or exceeding the WORLDCHEFS standards of quality culinary education.

With this recognition, BERJAYA UC’s culinary graduates will be eligible for the Fast Track Certifications at the levels of Commis De Cuisine*, Chef De Partie** and Certified Master Chef***. Hence, our culinary graduates are able to take their existing qualifications global!


* Successful completion of Berjaya UC Diploma in Culinary Arts.
** Successful completion of Berjaya UC Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management (Hons).
*** Minimum 24 years-old, 8 years of professional chef experience, A member of a World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) recognised National Chefs Association. (BERJAYA UC reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice).


Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance.

On 17th May 2016, BERJAYA University College (BERJAYA UC) and Institut Paul Bocuse formally signed a partnership agreement making BERJAYA UC the 17th and only Malaysian member to join the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance.

To be recognised by the Institut Paul Bocuse as the top institution of higher learning specialising in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts in Malaysia is an honour. The synergy between the two institutions will ensure that our students are equipped with technical, behavioural and managerial skills required in the corporate world.

Being a member of the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance further enhances the learning curve for our students not only through the appreciation of their culinary heritage but also through cross cultural promotion of gastronomy, culture and education built on Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance’s values of Trust, Respect and Commitment.

Ducasse Education.

In line with BERJAYA UC Faculty of Culinary Arts' mission to bring forth the next generation of elite culinary professionals, a collaboration was formed with Ducasse Education so that our students have access to programmes that will provide them valuable international exposure. Founded in 1999 by world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse, Ducasse Education's objective of facilitating the transmission of knowledge and expertise in the arena of culinary arts, pastry arts, and management is aligned with BERJAYA UC's aspirations for our students. Our students who join Ducasse Education will benefit from their international restaurant network.

BERJAYA UC's culinary arts and patisserie students who successfully complete their programmes may opt for specialised top-up programmes at Ducasse Education to further refine their skills. Other exciting programmes that our culinary arts and patisserie students have access to through this collaboration include study abroad programmes for bakery, pastry, as well as chocolate and confectionery, all located at Ducasse Education in France.

Undoubtedly, BERJAYA UC students will benefit the most from this world-class collaboration through the varied opportunities designed for them to master their craft and create industry connections across the world.


In line with our philosophy of providing experiential learning, the Berjaya Immersion Methodology ensures that exposure to real-world industry practices and professionals are prioritised as a key learning method for our students. From learning about ingredients, visiting farms, factories and restaurants, to meeting with Celebrity and Master Chefs, our students are awarded the privilege to learn hands-on in exclusive environments for optimum personal development at their craft.

Supported by Berjaya Corporation Group of Companies and global connections, our students enjoy the opportunity to be placed in prestigious internships and first job priority status for work placements around the world spanning a range of industries, from hospitality, to retail, to global business development, and more.

The Faculty of Culinary Arts is located in the heart of Malaysia's bustling commercial city, Kuala Lumpur, within one of its thriving shopping centres, Berjaya Times Square. Immersed within our city campus equipped with five-star facilities, we offer fully custom-made live lab learning environments - complete with high quality furnishings and state-of-the-art equipment for our students. They enjoy privileged access to a Preparation Kitchen, an Aseana Kitchen, a Sausage Lab, a Culinary Theatre, a Culinary Studio, a Pastry Lab, a Chocolate Lab, a deli, café (Upper East Side Café), and a fine-dining restaurant with show kitchen (Samplings on the Fourteenth Restaurant).


Grooming Champions.
At BERJAYA UC, we also build strong foundations through having our students take centre stage globally. Discover how we engage our students with the skills and quality experiences leading to opportunities that are often rewarded quickly.

Our students are specially trained by a team of professional chefs, thereby excelling in competitions and winning awards, making them much sought-after in the industry.

  • China-ASEAN Vocational Education Students Culinary Skill Competition 2017

  • iChef Malaysia Culinary Competition 2017

  • FHM 2017 – Culinaire Malaysia Competition

  • Penang Battle of the Chefs 2016

  • HOFEX – Hong Kong International Culinary Classic 2017

  • California Competition 2016

  • Food Hero Asia Competition 2016

  • Nestle Culinary Arts Award 2016

HOFEX 2017 Hong Kong Competition

“HOFEX is a biennial trade show on Asia’s Leading Food & Hospitality. It has been taking the industry on numerous extraordinary journeys of culinary delicacies from all over the world in the past 30 years, bringing the most comprehensive selection of Food & Drinks, Hospitality Equipment & Supplies products to Asia.”

Our students performed excellently and won Gold Medal and Bronze Medal for HOFEX 2017 with the guidance of Chef Jochen, Chef Vincent and the rest of the team.

• Gold Medalist – Western Hot Cooking Apprentice (Lamb Rack Category) – Chong Suet Nie • Bronze Medalist – Western Hot Cooking Apprentice (Whole Spring Chicken Category) – Ng Wei Xian

Careers @ Hilton 2017 Bar Cup

Champion – Koh Kay Kim from Bachelor of Culinary Arts with his signature cocktail, ‘Chivas Teh Tarik’ made from a unique blend of our local favorite teh tarik with liquor.

MONIN Coffee Creativity Cup 2017

“The competition was open to all professionals – hotels, cafes and universities. the competition started with a black box challenge which was participated by 50 plus individuals. It was then narrowed down to Top 16 for the semi finals. Participants presented their coffee signature beverage to two types of judges: sensory and technical.”

National Champion – John Tan Ze Kang from Diploma in Culinary Arts won the MONIN Cup and is representing Malaysia in the upcoming showdown in Korea this November 2017.

Abdul Mudzzamir Bin Abdullah Shan

Senior Chef Lecturer

What Our Students Say

“I chose BERJAYA UC to study Diploma in Culinary Arts because it specialises in the growth and development of the hospitality, tourism and services industries. The university also provides complete and modern facilities which contribute to a comfortable learning environment. Besides that, Berjaya Corporation has many connections with other companies which specialise in the hospitality and tourism industries that will help us in building our career.”

Samantha Chong Ye Yee

Diploma in Culinary Arts
“The best memory that I experienced while studying in BERJAYA UC are numerous AFC (Asian Food Channel) dinner events that we participated in as part of the immersion methodology. These events helped us as students gain more experience from celebrity chefs that come to visit our university. This allows us to further develop ourselves and also gain more experience on how different chefs work which is vital in the industry.”

Muhammad Zahin Zahwan

Diploma in Culinary Arts
Dear Master Chef Jochen, Thank you for guiding us during our studies in BERJAYA UC. It was a great privilege to have you as our school head who has always been supportive to your students. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience since the Papa John’s competition, FHM and even Starbucks competition. I am also grateful to you for your support with the international students especially during Food Festival. It was you who reminded me to embrace difference and diversity when I complained about my classmates. And, lastly, you told me once that I can be a good pastry chef during one of my practical classes and wanted to be a pastry chef. Thank you, chef and till we meet again.

Harvey Halili Santos

Diploma Culinary Arts

Professional Affiliations

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