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Let business excellence be your trademark wherever you go.

The world of business is at once exciting and challenging, and for those wanting to traverse it successfully, they ought to be prepared both intellectually and practically. Whether the desire is to serve within a global conglomerate or as a self-starting entrepreneur, being equipped with the mindset and insights that lead to real-world business and management success is critical.

Change is the only constant, and in today’s world, change is happening faster than ever before. Therefore, just being academically excellent will not suffice to equip any young aspiring professional to excel in the business world of the future.

At Faculty of Business
Discern yourself from the rest, acquire the mindset and insights required for global business and management success.

We ensure that our students are equipped with both key foundational knowledge, as well as the ability to creatively and effectively respond to real-world business and management issues.

We do this by constantly exposing them to actual business practices and seasoned industry professionals that challenges them to proactively develop their ability to assess, think and respond both critically and creatively in any situation, and even under pressure.

Additionally, being exposed to this level of experiential learning throughout their entire duration as a student here also invariably develops other key criterion for any kind of success, self-confidence and personal leadership.

It is our guiding philosophy and practice to bring out the best in every young aspiring business professional so that they will each raise business standards and be an invaluable asset wherever they go. This is why BERJAYA Business School graduates are distinctive and much sought-after even before they graduate.

If a distinctive career as a highly-sought after business professional is what you desire, enroll now and let Berjaya Business School be your launch pad!


In line with our philosophy of providing experiential learning, Faculty of Business Immersion Methodology ensures that exposure to real-world industry practices and professionals are prioritised as a key learning method for our students. From sessions with internationally-renowned guest lecturers, to participating in real-world events and business activities, our students are awarded the privilege to learn hands-on in exclusive environments for optimum personal development at their craft.

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) connects educators, students, and businesses to achieve a common goal: to create the next generation of great leaders.

Supported by Berjaya Corporation Group of Companies and global connections, our students enjoy the opportunity to be placed in prestigious internships and first job priority status for work placements around the world spanning a range of industries, from hospitality, to retail, to global business development, and more.

To be the part, one must be trained to act the part. That is why Berjaya Business School is located in the heart of Malaysia’s bustling commercial city, Kuala Lumpur, within one of its thriving shopping centers, Berjaya Times Square. Immersed within our city campus equipped with five-star business facilities and easy access to a variety of businesses, our students are exposed to real-world work environments that act as a live lab supporting their development as business professionals.


Students of the Entrepreneurship Development course from BERJAYA University College were given the opportunity to turn their innovative ideas and newly acquired classroom skills into practise; planning, organising and running small businesses. Their skills were put to a test in a simulated ‘real-world’ environment, through the Young Entrepreneurs Fair of May/August 2017 trimester.

The Young Entrepreneurs Fair was created to provide a platform for the students to showcase their business acumen. This also allows the students the opportunity to be fully engaged through the ‘Immersion Methodology’, or learning by doing.

“Fly with Us to Neverland” was the theme especially selected by the organising students of the Diploma in Events programme. The theme Neverland was cleverly brought to life by the amazingly mythical decoration and opening gimmick which was performed by fairies and pirates. Students from various other programmes; i.e. Business, Retail, Hospitality, Culinary, Events and Tourism were “business owners” – selling a variety of food, beverage and an array of interesting products.

BERJAYA Business School students retail trip to Suria KLCC

16th JUNE 2017 – BERJAYA Business School organised a trip to Suria KLCC and visit retailers and learn more about their success stories and strategies employed behind of one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur.

The group of students were taken around by Ms Elise Toh, Head of Training Suria KLCC and she guided them through the day with educational talks and to answer any questions posed by our student. One of the strategies discussed was ‘Right Tenant, Right Location’ or RTRL, whereby retailers were carefully placed throughout the mall by specific floors and location in order to maximise the potential growth of the retail store.

Ms Elise furthermore provided insights on what Suria KLCC mall has to offer apart from the other malls in the city. For example, the Levi’s store in KLCC provides customisation of Jeans and it is the first mall to do so. The Suria KLCC management is also known to taking the safety and well-being of the customers as a priority so that they can shop conveniently without any problems.

At the end of the trip, the students took away valuable insights on retail strategies and trends and were excited to further develop their skills in the retail industry.

BizTECH 2016 by the BERJAYA Business School

It was a fun and immersion learning sessions for BUC students. On the first day, students were exposed to the latest Microsoft technologies with Microsoft speaker, Mr. Aswin Chanthraksuwan, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Malaysia. After that, students had hands on session publishing their first website with the power of Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark with Mr. Yong Chin Choy, Microsoft Student Partner.

On the second day, Mr. Clement Arul, Managing Director of Kaapagam Technologies Sdn. Bhd told students that it was not practical to leave business systems turned off thus we need to understand the security risks to our systems and prepare ourselves to defend them! Truly entertaining and informative session on security.

On the last day of the event, students are exposed to Big Data analytics. Students learned that they no longer need to be a data scientist to analyze huge volumes of data that conventional analytics and business intelligence solutions can’t touch! Truly an interesting talk!

The event ended with a fun-filled session with AEON where students had an online shopping competition where the fastest, smartest shoppers combine their shopping talents to win cool prizes from AEON. Congratulations to the winners!


Professor Dr Chung Jee Fenn

Dean - Faculty of Business

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akram Al-Khaled

Head of MBA Programme

James Liow Thiam Enn

Senior Lecturer

Goh Poh Kim

Senior Lecturer

Joseph Choe Kin Hwa


Ravindran A/L Raman


Dr Smitha Geetha


Chong Phaik Hoon

Executive Admin


PKT Logistics Group Feld Trip
B Talk - Mr Clement Arul
SOGO KL Field Trip
Young Entrepreneurs Fair
Business Plan Competition

What Our Students Say

True to the Berjaya UC immersion methodology, the location of a city campus provides a studying experience in an actual business environment. We had the chance to visit different businesses during our studies; this in turn is a valuable experience to bring to our careers in future.

Lee Kar Yan

Diploma Business Management
The pursuit of an MBA degree has been my personal goal. I chose the MBA programmes at Berjaya UC because I believe in the quality of the programme. I was able to enrol in the programme and continue to work full-time. Berjaya UC’s MBA has pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to go beyond what I previously thought was my academic limit. I can honestly say that it has been a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

Suresh Raj Muhmurti

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Studying at Berjaya UC, I feel I can gain more from a small class compared to a class of hundreds students. The lecturers are able to focus on individual students’ grasp of the topic. They frequently encourage class interactions which in turn provide us with better explanation and understanding of the subjects we are studying.

Tot Hooi Jia

Bachelor of Business Management (Hons)
I was offered a scholarship by Berjaya Philippines Foundation. As an international student, I had the chance to meet and befriend many classmates from different countries and cultures. It encourages us in learning to listen and communicate with each other. This is a good experience to prepare us for our future career in the industry of retailing.

Cyril Albania Misare

Diploma in Retail Management

Faculty of Business Professional Affiliations

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