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Never before in the history of mankind has there been a more exciting and dynamic era for the domain of tourism and events. With the advent of technology and accessibility of transportation modes, advancements and innovations related to travel and lifestyle experiences have been boosted to an unprecedented level, and will only continue to advance – leading to a continuous demand for high-quality tourism and events management professionals in the decades to come.

At the School of Tourism
Be at the forefront of an industry that captures the imagination of the world!

We ensure that our students are equipped with both key foundational knowledge, as well as the ability to creatively and effectively respond to real-world industry evolutions.

We do this by constantly exposing them to actual industry developments as our school works closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Malaysian Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Education (MyCenTHE), as well as the Malaysian Association of Conventions and Exhibition Suppliers and Organisers (MACEOS). These collaborative efforts provide an avenue for our students to experience the industry first-hand and to be fully immersed in the industry whilst they are still at college.

Furthermore, in 2016, we took the lead by spearheading the establishment of the Asia Pacific Centre for Events Management (APCEM), a centre to provide high-quality events management research and programmes to advance the events industry in Asia Pacific.

It is our guiding philosophy and practice to bring out the best in every young aspiring tourism and event professional under our wing, so that they will each raise industry standards and be a shining asset wherever they go.

This is why the School of Tourism graduates are distinctive and much sought-after even before they graduate. If a dazzling career in the exciting world of tourism and events is what you desire, enrol now and let the School of Tourism be your polishing ground!


BERJAYA UC has received accreditation from the Institute of Hospitality, UK.

The Institute of Hospitality is the professional body for individual managers and aspiring managers working and studying in the hospitality, leisure and tourism (HLT) industry. The Institute works to unite professionals, promote best practice, enhance skills and raise the profile of the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry.

As an accredited Awarding Body, the Institute is a recognised and authoritative international body in the field of Accreditation and Endorsement for hospitality, leisure and tourism programmes of learning. The BERJAYA University College has been unconditionally accredited by the Institute, for a period of five years, until June 2022.

Membership of the Institute of Hospitality provides faculty, students and graduates of BERJAYA University College access to a wide range of benefits, promotes networking with industry contacts and helps members develop professionally to achieve their full potential.

The Institute’s Education Membership Scheme (EMS) gives students access to valuable industry resources and contribute towards the students’ academic and professional journey. Students will have the opportunity to access the online books and e-journals to carry out research-based coursework and projects. As members grow and succeed in their careers, the Institute awards designatory letters after the names of Institute Associates (AIH) , Members (MIH) and Fellows (FIH). The post-nominals are recognised by the industry and acknowledge the members' qualifications, industry experience and commitment to their careers.

Graduates from Berjaya University College are eligible to apply for the Associate (AIH) grade of membership and following an assessment, may also meet requirements for the Member (MIH) grade.


BERJAYA University College received these awards in 2017.

Cluster Leader for Events Management in Malaysia

BERJAYA UC is proud to be appointed as the Cluster Leader for Events Management by the Malaysian Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Education (MyCenTHE). It is a national initiative formed under the government’s Economic Transformation Programme to improve the quality and quantity of tourism and hospitality professions in the country.

We are committed to develop and deliver high-quality tourism and events management education to serve the needs of the industry and thus improving the nation’s status as an international tourism destination. MyCenTHE is fully supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Human Resources.

Leadership Development in Events Management

The School established the Asia Pacific Centre for Events Management (APCEM) with the aim of providing high-quality events management research and programmes to advance the events industry in the Asia Pacific region. APCEM will be striking strategic alliances with renowned centres for events management from other international education establishments to further develop knowledge in events management.

Gold Award for Education Tourism

BERJAYA UC was presented with the Gold Award for Education Tourism during the Kuala Lumpur Mayor’s Tourism Awards 2017, a triennial award programme organised by the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau under Kuala Lumpur City Hall. This award was given in recognition of the establishment’s high level of excellence in the education industry.


In line with our philosophy of providing experiential learning, School of Tourism’s Immersion Methodology ensures that exposure to real-world industry practices and professionals are prioritised as a key learning method for our students. From sessions with internationally-renowned guest lecturers, to participating in real-world events and tourism-related organisations, our students are awarded the privilege to learn hands-on in exclusive environments for optimum personal development at their craft.

Supported by Berjaya Corporation Group of Companies and global connections, our students enjoy the opportunity to be placed in prestigious internships and first job priority status for work placements around the world, ranging from themed attractions, airlines to large scale event management companies.

To be the part, one must be trained to act the part. That is why the School of Tourism is located in the heart of Malaysia’s bustling commercial city, Kuala Lumpur, within one of its thriving shopping centres, Berjaya Times Square. Immersed within our city campus equipped with five-star facilities and easy access to a variety of tourism and event activities, our students are exposed to real-world happenings that act as a live lab supporting their development as tourism and events management professionals.


The School is very proud of its students’ success achieved through active participation in live events and tours. These activities creates many opportunities for them to further enhance their learning.

Splash Out Charity Run
Study Tour to Guilin
Grand Champion 2016 Taiwan MICE Destination Marketing Contest
Overall Champion 2017 Taiwan MICE Destination Marketing Contest

Grand Champion for the 2016 Taiwan MICE Destination Marketing Contest

Our students bagged 7 awards which included:

  • Marketing Plan Award (First Prize)
  • Theme Creativity Award (First Prize)
  • Booth Design Award (First Prize)
  • Reception Award (First Prize) - English Marketing Presentation (Honorable Mention) - Best Popularity Award

Overall Champion for the 2017 Taiwan MICE Destination Marketing Contest

Our students bagged 4 awards which included:

  • Mandarin Presentation (First Prize)
  • Exhibition Award (First Prize)
  • English Presentation (Third Prize)
  • Best Popularity Award

What Our Students Say

“Studying and having fun at the same time is important to me. The Immersion Methodology has really prepared me to handle the real-life situation that I encounter in the Tourism industry. This programme certainly gave me the confidence to face the challenge of the working world. I am proud to be a product of BERJAYA UC!”

Azri bin Mohd Hussain

Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management
“My professional competence and personal ability and development to engage in critical thinking were enhanced through learning specialised event courses as well as business courses. Gaining exposure through planning and managing a real event was a very tangible reward for me. I love the sense of achievement I get when the event finally materialise from our concept and ends successfully!”

Chair Chin Yang

Bachelors in Events Management (Hons)
“The assignments given to us were very practical and current with the industry’s needs. We had to organise an event that involved VIPs and real attendees. The experience was daunting but yet at the same time exciting and rewarding. At the end of the event, I knew Event Management was the right career path for me.”

Kong Yee Yen

Diploma of Events Management

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