Career Services

Internship Placement

The internship is a minimum of 16-week supervised learning experience in the relevant industry which leads to the acquisition and development of professional, technical and general management skills. Students gain first-hand practical experiences that will boost their professional learning and development. Whereas, cooperating organizations will have the opportunity to become acquainted with some especially capable students while contributing substantially to the development of future professionals.

Career Fair

The annual BERJAYA University College Career Fair brings employers from many different industries including hotels, restaurants, event managing companies, tourism companies, retail companies and many more. The career fair provides students with an opportunity to explore career opportunities and network with professionals in their field of interest.

Career Talks and Workshops

Career talks and workshops delivered by experienced industry players are held throughout the year. Without the pressure of a formal interview, students gain the opportunity to connect with the industry players and explore career opportunities.

Alumni Association

The Department of Student Services serves as the link to foster continued engagement between the University College and its alumni for life-long learning, networking and collegial relations.

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