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What will you achieve with an education for the real world?
Malaysia’s premier University College specialising in Business, Culinary Arts, Communication & Media Arts, Hospitality, Tourism and Services Industries with emphasis on experiential learning.

Enrolling into BERJAYA University College offers any of our students the unique opportunity to prepare themselves for their future careers in a manner that is unlike any other. Due to our established heritage in business and entrepreneurship, we intimately understand what it takes to enable our students to excel as young professionals; which strongly increases their employability in the global marketplace, even before they graduate.

Through our strong global and local industry networks presented through our various faculties, BERJAYA UC students are uniquely exposed to the dynamic worlds that they are being prepped for in our city campus.

At BERJAYA UC, we pride ourselves on consistently producing well-rounded, professional and competent young adults through our inter-disciplinary and immersion teaching methodologies, as well as our distinct focus on language proficiency and personal poise.

Our vision is to become the most renowned university in Asia Pacific, and we will do so through the merit of our high-caliber graduates, BERJAYANs that are highly sought-after by employers across the globe for their intellectual prowess, as well as their practical know-how. We know that if you start here with us, you will go on to inspire lives, and widen horizons. We welcome you!

Forward-thinking. Specialised. Personal.

Founded in 2009 by a successful self-made international entrepreneur named Tan Sri Dato’ Vincent Tan, BERJAYA University College embodies his legacy of success and tenacity in preparing you for a flourishing career in the Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary and Services industries – all areas in which the Berjaya Corporation Berhad has track records for success and international acclaim.

In fact, you will be able to leverage on the Berjaya Corporation Berhad’s corporate diversity as a global entrepreneurs with involvements in:

  • Property and construction
  • Vacation
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Investment holdings
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial businesses

With support from the Berjaya Corporation group of companies’ wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we are able to offer internships and work placement opportunities to get your feet wet before you dive into the specific industry of your career choice.


To be a distinctive WORLD-CLASS LEADER AND LEARNING COMMUNITY in unlocking the full potential of our students, recognised and respected for our highest quality academic and professional excellence in the service industry.


We are committed to empower our diverse student body to succeed in the dynamic hospitality, tourism, culinary arts, retail, events, business and management industries by INTEGRATING EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AND LEARNING, RESEARCH, FOSTERING CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING AND SERVICE EXCELLENCE.


Practical. Hands-on. Experimental.

To learn, is to do. To do, is to practice. To practice, is to rehearse the roles and responsibility of the chosen profession.

That in a nutshell, is BERJAYA UC’s Immersion Methodology – a unique teaching paradigm that places you in the heart of the action. Your “classrooms” are often simulation laboratories which mirror what you would practically encounter while on the job.

We do this because of BERJAYA UC’s firm convictions in:

  • Educating students based on the industry’s current requirements and structure.
  • Exposing students to the working world by implementing 20-24 weeks of work placement.
  • Enlightening students perception about the industry by inviting entrepreneurs, industry leaders and celebrity chefs to share their professional experiences.
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