Centre for Student Feedback

The Department of Student Services is committed to provide a positive student experience. As part of this commitment, we welcome feedback to assist us to continuously improve. Your feedback may take the form of a complaint, compliment or suggestion.

Students may proceed to the Department of Student Services to fill up the Student Feedback Form.

Alternatively, students may also submit an online feedback form.

Student Locker

Locker rentals at BERJAYA University College are managed and administered through the Department of Student Services. Lockers are available for rental on semester basis in various locations throughout the campus.

Rental Rates:

Metal Locker

RM 50.00 per semester

Wooden Locker

RM 60.00 per semester

Rental Period:

  • January to April
  • May to August
  • September to December

The Department of Student Services reserves the right to clean out any contents left in the locker after the expiration date. Locker contents will be held for a period of one trimester. Unclaimed contents will be disposed without reimbursement.

Lost And Found

The Department of Student Services is the central repository for items lost and found on campus. Students or staff of BERJAYA University College of BERJAYA TVET College who have lost their items or found any items on campus may lodge a report at Department of Student Services by filling in the Lost and Found Report form.

First Aid Assistance

There is one sick bay available on campus located on the 11th floor. The sick bay is available for both staff and students who are feeling unwell to rest or require immediate basic first aid treatment. The sick bay is equipped with basic necessities such as a bed, wheelchair and first aid kit.

In the event of an accident or illness requiring first aid, assistance may be sought from any of the staff at the Department of Student Affairs.

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