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You will gain valuable insights into the industry’s latest trends and skills to create consumable masterpieces. This combination will make you a much sought-after professional in the culinary arts industry. Furthermore, the strong networks garnered by the faculty will also give you an extra edge in your future career.

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While mastering the culinary techniques, you will also learn entrepreneurial concepts to help you launch your own business, explore career options and participate in work-based learning experiences (internships).



This programme will enhance your supervisory, technical and personal skills. It will also broaden your mind-set to ‘think out of the box’, as communication and problem-solving skills are essential in the culinary arts industry.

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The programme begins with an orientation level course where you are introduced to topics such as basic culinary, kitchen hygiene, nutrition, baking, pastry, kitchen layout and design. After mastering the basics, the programme will then focus on levels of food preparation which includes, cooking and plating whole dishes and pastries to perfection.

Diploma in Culinary Arts

JPT/BPP (R/811/4/0121) 04/18 (A 9013)

The Diploma in Culinary Arts programme is designed for those who have chosen to pursue an exciting career in culinary arts. This unique skills-driven programme takes you through key stages of classical and international cuisine preparation, garde manger, butchery, patisserie and bakery. At the same time, you will learn to develop your professionalism in producing world class cuisine.

Career Opportunities

  • Commis Cook
  • Chef de Cuisine
  • Chef de Partie
  • Sous Chef
  • Celebrity Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Catering Chef
  • Cruise Line Chef
  • Area/ Group Chef
  • Business Analyst
  • Culinary Lecturer
  • WACS Certified Master Chef
  • Food Photographer
  • Food Promoter
  • Food Critic
  • Food Research Specialist
  • Food Scientist
  • Food Stylist
  • Food Writer
  • Entrepreneurs/restaurant owner
  • Business Analyst
  • Michelin Star Chef
  • Nutritionist
  • Kitchen Director
  • Director of Culinary Arts Institutions

Diploma in Culinary Arts



Year One

• Basic Food and Beverage Services
• Pastry and Baking
• Food Commodities
• Basic Culinary
• Cuisine and Restaurant Operations
• Advanced Pastry and Baking
• Kitchen and Hygiene Management
• Butchery
• Advanced Cuisine and Restaurant Operations
• Nutrition and Sensory Analysis
• Food and Beverage Cost Control
• English for Academic Purpose
• Personal Development Skills
• Team Development Skills
• Professional Development Skills

Year Two

• Garde Manger
• Malaysian Cuisine
• Menu Planning and Development
• Introduction to Business
• Kitchen Layout and Design
• Aseana Cuisine
• Entrepreneurship Development
• Internship

Professional Work Placement Programme

You will undergo a semester of comprehensive training in the internship programme. It has been specially designed to give you an intensive hands-on learning experience within a challenging work environment.


• SPM / O-Levels / UEC or equivalent with a minimum of three (3) credits.
• Applicants who possess other qualifications will be considered on a
case-by-case basis.


January, May and September.


2 years including a semester of a internship