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Our programmes are all about making a meaningful impact in your own life as well as the lives of others. Thanks to courses like psychology, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and languages, you will gain a deeper understanding of how society works and how to become part of the change you would like to see.

What makes BERJAYA School of Humanities & Social Science unique is its community of students and lecturers: we are driven by open-minded inquiry, integrating knowledge, skills and creativity from across the curriculum. Our commitment and approach gives you confidence in developing fresh insights, taking initiative and making change where it counts the most.

At BERJAYA School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Learn across disciplines and achieve your full potential in life, work and leadership.

Degrees in the humanities and social sciences contribute to society at a deeper level: our programmes equip students with interdisciplinary knowledge, rigorous reasoning and research skills and an optimistic attitude towards solving real-world problems.

Our graduates are well-rounded, socially conscious and committed to values, ethics and civic engagement. They have been trained to develop a holistic understanding of how things work, what's going on around them; what is more, they can consider alternatives, adopt fresh perspectives, choose wisely and take entrepreneurial initiative.

BERJAYA School of Humanities & Social Sciences puts actions over words and encourages its students to turn inquiry into insight, to integrate what they have learnt and to use all of that energy and enthusiasm to develop ideas with an impact. Thanks to this kind of results-oriented risk-taking, our graduates stand out in their chosen careers; they can be found in both profit-making and not-for-profit organisations, in government and industry while many of them create meaningful jobs and projects for themselves


Course content will be delivered by means of lectures, tutorials, seminars and the like. For all of them, however, the focus is on “learning by doing”. In the context of the social sciences, this kind of student-centredness is intended to hone basic, practical and discipline-specific research skills. It also means that for the majority of our programmes and courses, assessment will take the form of 100% coursework. The idea is to promote learner autonomy and independent inquiry. Thanks to group work, students will learn to appreciate the value of collaborating with diverse others.

Supported by Berjaya Corporation Group of Companies and global connections, our students enjoy the opportunity to be placed in prestigious internships and first job priority status for work placements around the world spanning a range of industries.

Because of its location in downtown Kuala Lumpur, BERJAYA School of Humanities & Social Sciences is part school, part laboratory. Students only need to step outside to find topics for real-life case studies and research projects. The city campus makes it easier to bring urban society – in all its economic, political and cultural diversity – right into the seminar room and lecture theatre; at the same time, students will be able to apply what they have learnt to what can be observed in their immediate surroundings.

Humanities and social sciences require academics who are suitably qualified, well-read in their disciplines and news savvy. They are able to spot and articulate major developments in society. Our lecturers will challenge you to think for yourself within – but also across – their respective fields.


The Art of Batik

Ethnic Relations (Hubungan Etnik) is a compulsory general course taught by lecturers from the Berjaya School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Faculty of Liberal Arts. In this course students learn about the different ethnicities living in Malaysia including how to manage and enhance their relationship with the different races and appreciate the diverse art and cultures in Malaysia.

On 18 February 2017 students of the Ethnic Relations class organised an art event called the Batik programme. At the end of the activity, each student returned home with a better understanding of the art of Batik and a rich experience of inter-ethnic relations.

In the process of colouring and producing the batik designs, students and the facilitator, Encik Mohd. Farid bin Fauzi, share ideas and exchange views and learn about the different races’ interpretation of colours.

Baba Nyonya Through the Lens of Culture

On 7– 9 March 2018 BERJAYA UC students who were taking ‘MPU3112 Ethnic Relations’ course organised an Baba Nyonya event based on their project ‘Exploring Ethnic Diversity: Baba & Nyonya through the Lens of Culture’ in collaboration with Persatuan Peranakan Baba & Nyonya (PPBNKLS). The main aims of this programme were to promote cultural awareness, mutual understanding and unity among multiracial students by highlighting the uniqueness of Baba & Nyonya as one of the local ethnicities through the lens of culture. The event shared information on the cultural heritage of Baba & Nyonya such as the community’s historical background, traditional costumes as well as Peranakan cuisines and food customs.

Team Development Skills: The Labu Sayung Project

The Team Development Skills course is focused on getting students to actively participate in groups, adopt different team roles and demonstrate leadership qualities. For the Labu Sayong project, students in teams of two, research on various types of environment related issues such as deforestation, global warming, go green, air pollution, earth hour etc. After selecting one of the themes, students paint on a standard sized ‘Labu Sayong’ their adopted theme to reflect the environmental issue they are concerned with and their point of view of the issue.

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