Transforming Your Business Acumen, BERJAYA Business School Postgraduate Programmes

KUALA LUMPUR: Companies have long been preoccupied on the idea of improving business processes. Many have turned to specialists to seek innovative ideas. In many professional settings, upskilling of the current team may provide the answer.

At BERJAYA University College (BERJAYA UC), two postgraduate programmes are offered to working adults as well as new students. “Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” (N/345/7/1091) (12/23) (MQA/PA 10889) and the Master of Business Administration (JPT/BPP (R/340/7/0208) 09/22 (FA1978).

The MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management was strategically designed to meet industry needs as well as the demand of graduates for corporate initiatives such as the One Belt One Road.

The “supply chain” starts from acquisition of raw materials, production, inventory management, logistics and distribution and finally to the customers. Supply chain management encompasses a range of planning and execution of processes required to optimise the flow of products, in the most cost-effective and streamlined way possible. Communication and risk management amongst all parties involved is important. Nowadays with the green economy coming into play, supply chain sustainability is another factor to consider, covering environmental and legal issues.

While logistics can sometimes be misconstrued as supply chain, it is only a component of the whole process which involves “packaging, transportation, distribution, warehousing and delivery”.
“The programme consists of several core subjects: Research Methodology and Analysis, Global Information and Communication Technology Management, Strategic Procurement Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Transportation Management and Strategic Management. The University College has appointed A/Prof. Lai Ving Kam as Head of Programme. He has more than 45 years’ experience in cross border global management and has managed supply chain operations in Malaysia, China, and other Asian Countries, Germany, USA and United Kingdom.”

“Being a Manufacturing System Engineer by profession, I see the whole process as a connected web rather than a linear chain. We are living in a world, where people are engaged in business that cross international boundaries. With the global nature of business, the programme was designed to implement innovative strategies with the understanding that every product that comes to the market is a result of the efforts of various organisations. It is a complex chain of big data analytics, technology, robotics, distribution channels, risk management and sustainability. Students who are equipped with the right skills, knowledge to deal with the turbulent global business environment and cope with the ever changing trends and disruptions are needed in this highly competitive industry,” said Emeritus Professor Walter Wong, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of BERJAYA UC.

“By enrolling in the Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, current industry professionals would add value to their skills by understanding new frameworks to manage risk, deliver superior managerial performance and align core processes for operational excellence on a global scale,” Wong added.
Master of Business Administration programme is creatively benchmarked with best practices of one of the more successful and diversified business conglomerates in the country – Berjaya Corporation. Involved in property investment and development, financial services, consumer marketing and direct selling, hotels & resorts, recreation development, food and beverage, environmental services & clean technology, motor trading, education and host of other ventures, students are immersed in a global environment right at our doorstep. Thus, specialisations are offered in the areas of International Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Hospitality and International Tourism.

The MBA programme, on the other hand, is for professional practitioners who want to venture into a new career path, take a higher level management position, or upgrade their management skills. The MBA programme, aims to develop their business analytic skills, financial and human capital development skills and most importantly acquire contemporary best management practices. MBA students learn current strategies, concepts, ideas, and access to case studies on best business practices so that they will be equipped with a well-rounded and holistic understanding of the corporate world.
Majority of MBA students are equipped with skills that are transferable in new roles giving them an edge over their peers. At BERJAYA Business School, our curriculum is industry driven and the courses are current with industry trends. We have a strong team and we also regularly invite established industry leaders to share their wealth of knowledge and experience and present them as case studies for our students. When taking an MBA, networking is essential. The connections you forge during your MBA should be that nucleus for your future careers. Taking an MBA makes students more adaptive and resourceful in managing and leading a team of professionals.

In closing, Emeritus Professor Walter Wong noted that, “An MBA thus provides graduates with strategic acumen, critical analytical thinking skills and with a new and holistic and fresh perspective to take on leadership roles in an organisation. The programme is one of the most significant degrees in the world and is often favoured by employers across the profession and business field who are seeking to fill managerial positions in leading organizations across all industries. It provides graduates with strong up-to-date analytical, technical, management, entrepreneurial and innovative know-how to challenge the business world. We encourage professionals to embrace an MBA degree, be great leaders in business and take their careers into greater heights.”

Emeritus Professor Walter Wong, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of BERJAYA UC and A/Prof. Lai Ving Kam, Head of programme, BERJAYA Business School giving their perspectives on pursuing postgraduate qualifications.

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